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Business Consultancy

Martin has more than 20 years of experience in business and finance projects, entrepreneurship, and consultancy within companies such as Nasdaq OMX, Nordea, Danske Bank, Grunfoss, 7N, and Prodata. He is also certified in Business Coaching (ICC), Emotional Intelligence Program (Paul Ekman), and Embodiment Practices (breathwork, movement, and mindfulness). 

Martin has consulted a number of projects within business development, finance management, investment, sustainable energy, and medical systems. He has cooperated with consultancy companies such as Prodata Consult, 7N, and eWork. 

He specializes in change management, project management, and investment services. Apply for a free business consultation below.


8-week accelerator program for creative individuals and teams. The new accelerator starts on 26th November, 2021. 

Martin and Diana have participated in different entrepreneurial projects such as charging solutions for el-cars, alternative energy sources, consultancy services, and investment solutions.

Martin has coached teams and individuals in entrepreneurship and conscious finance management. He has supported creative individuals and teams in leveraging the right ideas and making the best financial solutions.

Diana has supported entrepreneurial mindset coaching, idea generation, business development,  and implementation processes.

If you are interested in collaboration or even just an exchange of ideas, feel free to leave a message. We can match you with the right team member and explore the idea of cooperation, networking, or business coaching.

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