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Diana offers 1-1 Mentoring & Coaching Sessions, Online Courses and a combination of both. The latter means that you receive the course material with the personal support


She supports leaders, professionals, visionaries, and change-makers in realigning with their purpose, embodying their vision, balancing work and private life, and restoring their emotional flow through healing relationship patterns.

She is certified in Transformational Coaching, Embodiment Methods such as Quantum Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathwork, Subconscious Reprogramming, Ayurveda Nutrition, and Akashic Record Consultancy.

Follow Your Flow

Elements are all around us and in us, by recognizing our unique constitution of the elements, we can become aware of what lifestyle, personal and work-life changes, we need to apply, so we feel more grounded and balanced, experience emotional ease, creativity, mental clarity, connection to intuition, energy and inner power to take action and achieve our intentions in life. Learn more about how you can balance your elements for optimal flow and results in life.



Actualize Your Vision

This course is for someone who experienced a shift inside that might not be able to put into words and the inner urge to step up, make changes in their life and create something new.

If you have a vision, a dream, an intention, an idea, or an inner or outer change that you want to pursue, but you need support with stricture, process and materialization of it, this course might be the good fit for you.

It will give you a roadmap to connect with your vision and find the way to bring it to reality.

Love Crystal

This is a very special course for the ones who want to restore their emotional balance. Diana has worked with many leaders and succesful professionals who came to her for purpose or visionary coaching, but actually needed relationship upgrade. This course is built baed on spiritual psychology tools amd methods that helps one to reconnect with their childhood and see and heal their relationship patterns from a calm and aware place.

Diana offers 1-1 private mentoring sessions for conscious leaders and professionals. Each session is tailored made and a variety of methods and tools can be used including Transformational Coaching, Inner Child Healing, Reparenting, Spiritual Relationship Psychology, Consciousness Coaching, Breathwork, and Embodiment Methods such as Quantum Flow or Kundalini Yoga. 


She uses a combination of modalities such as Human Design, Enneagram, and Birth imprints for personal growth assessment. You can read more about her work and certifications on her personal page here.


Please apply for personal mentoring below, and we will be in touch with you very soon.

Journey through the Five Elements.

The Path to Your Ultimate Expansion

Tips & recommendations on how to balance the elements inside of you.
Simple Exercises to get in touch with qualities of each element: inner stability, emotional flow, mental clarity, inner power, and letting go into the unknown.
The book includes descriptions, exercises, and powerful illustrations to recognize and see each element as part of your daily life.

Success Codes.

The Secrets to Success You Were Not Taught at School

Redefining what success is in the current age of transformation. The book unites the new thought leaders who are here to disrupt the old definition of success. 

Diana offers plenty of free resources for purpose creation, creating balance in life, envisioning the future, changing your career, and self-mastery.