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Amazing Blocks is the first company to tokenize equity according to the Liechtenstein Token Act. With the first tokenized shares of a legal entity in Liechtenstein, history was written on September 21, 2020 when equity tokens for registered shares were generated. This can also be inspected on the Ethereum mainnet.


Amazing Blocks offers a software solution to support the tokenization of shares. It leveraged its own software solution, the Tokenpad, to tokenize its own shares. This software could also be applied to tokenized other assets and rights of Liechtenstein legal entities such as participation rights or ownership rights – for example when real-assets such as classic cars, real-estate, machines, watches etc. are tokenized.

Legal Entity in Liechtenstein

Digital legal entities in Liechtenstein based on true equity tokens to tokenize any asset and right in a standardized way to save time and money.

Supporting Legal Processes for Tokenization

The clear focus is on the integration of Amazing Blocks software solution with the contracts of a legal entity to meet the highest standards of:

  • User experience
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Security and system resilience
  • Modularity and, hence, flexibility
  • Automation and STP
  • Implementation speed and updates.

We have invested in Amazing Blocks since we truly believe that legal entities will become digitally transformed: less effort, less administration and less cost when setting up legal entities.

Christopher Diesing, Decentralized Capital GmbH